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Getting Student Input for Final Assessment

My block classes have finals in less than two weeks! Where has the semester gone?! Although we will still have one week of class after Christmas break, we are giving finals before break (I, personally, think this is amazing!).

This year I have really tried to go away from the paper/pencil assessments with my French 2 and 3 classes. Although it has been extremely hard for me not to be guided by a textbook, I think (HOPE!) my students understand better that communication and comprehension is key in learning a language.  I have LOTS of things that I need to change for next semester (like be way more organized) but it has been a good learning experience for all.

Today I gave my French 3 students a survey to get their input on the final “exam.” Thanks to my awesome husband for the idea! We talked about how they hadn’t taken many traditional tests/quizzes this year so I didn’t think it would be fair to give them one for the final exam. I asked them to be specific about how they wanted to show me what they’d learned. I wanted details and how they thought they should be graded.

I got a lot of really great feedback (loved the idea from one student about a multi-genre project). Now just taking/finding the time to make an amazing final project…


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