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Assessing Twitter

Last semester my French 1 students tweeted with @idem_in_english (class of @freddav). My French 3 students tweeted with @3eVictorHugo (class of @mister_street). Both of my classes changed at the semester and I now have all French 2 classes. This semester, my block French 2 classes (1st and last class of day) will be tweeting with @idem_in_english (#rvhsidem) and my year long French 2 classes will be tweeting with @3eVictorHugo (#rvhclv).

Although I have a system for collecting what my students want to tweet, I haven’t been very good at evaluating their tweets. So what happens is they submit their tweets and as they are submitting, I’m looking through them and talking to them about what they need to change if it needs correcting. This is difficult when 20+ students are sending tweets in and chatting in class while they do it. It’s not effective. As I was doing this today (and noticing how many mistakes there were – small, but still!) I decided to try something new. On Monday, I’m going to sort my spreadsheet of their responses by their names. I will then print them out and give each student a piece of paper with their responses (wish I didn’t have to use paper, but I don’t think iPods would be a very good tool. Wish I had my chromebooks so I could use google docs!). This way, each student can see what he/she has written and correct it. I’m a big fan of having students correct their own work. As they are correcting their tweets, I’ll be circulating to help them. Then I can collect them and send them to twitter. It will take a little more time and effort, but I want my students to be practicing French correctly!

Happy Friday!!


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  1. I ask myself the same question. So far, I mainly assessed the capacity to get involved in exchanging with other pupils and the capacity to be understood with not too many mistakes (following the guidelines of the European Common Frame for Languages, an interesting document for European teachers), not so much writing perfect English. I can share that with you via mail anytime if that is of any use…Thanks again for working with us, it’s great!


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