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Super Quick Tip – #Chromebooks

My senior grades are due tomorrow so I’m rushing to get everything done since I’m a professional procrastinator 🙂

BUT we’ve been using our Chromebooks in class a lot and I’ve been using a classroom management technique from my instructional technology specialist. It’s a no-brainer and when I heard about it I said…duh! But I wanted to share anyways!

We’ve been watching Imparfait (imperfect) tutorials made by the students with our class set of iPods. I have students grab their Chromebook, open the google form that I emailed them and close their Chromebooks. When their Chromebooks are closed, we watch a video. After the short tutorial, they open their books back up (takes seconds!!) and fill out the survey. And we do it all over again.

The classroom management key to so many of my lesson plans lately has been the opening and closing of the Chromebook lid. I know for a fact that students aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be doing. And they can signal to me when they are ready to move on. This strategy might also work with laptops but the speed of the Chromebooks is phenomenal for it.


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