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Come collaborate with us! #coetail #gafesummit #langchat

I’m in Dubai getting geared up to present at the Middle East GAFE Summit! I’ll be presenting Conjugating Google Apps in a World Language Classroom after the keynote this afternoon. I’d love to do some collaborating during the session with Google Docs. If you’re free between 5:30am & 6:30am EST and you have a minute, please read & comment on this article! Don’t forget to leave your info :)If you aren’t available live, no worries! Leave your info and some comments so we can see the power of global collaboration with GAFE! Merci!

3 thoughts on “Come collaborate with us! #coetail #gafesummit #langchat”

  1. Thanks for this great article and inspiring thoughts! And … the collaborating experience with the shared google doc! First time! Enjoy the Summit!


  2. This activity looked great with interesting interactions from all over. I enjoyed reading the article on languages. Do you have your presentation from this session that you don’t mind sharing? I’d love to see what you shared with your group!


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