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Looking for input from all of YOU!

This has been a really interesting year as a Technology Coach in our school. It’s the first year the school has had a position like this. There are 3 of us in the position (2 a married couple, 1 not a certified teacher). We don’t have a job description. The school is attempting to go 1:1 with iPads…I could go on.

After working with some teachers and approaching in it different ways, things have come to a point where we need to figure some stuff out. That’s where I’d be forever grateful if you’d chime in! In any way you’d like (comment, tweet, email, etc), could you please respond to any or all of these questions? This is a rather hastily written plea so anything else you’d like to contribute would be wonderful. MERCI bien in advance!

Do you have technology coaches (instructional technology specialists, technology integration coaches…whatever you’d like to call it) in your school? (Why?)

What does their job look like? What responsibilities do they have? (Why?)

Are they certified teachers or support staff? (Why?)

Are they considered admin/leaders or teachers? (Why?)

Do they influence teachers or give them what they ask for? (Why?)

Please share any knowledge or resources you have! I’m eager to help mold this position into what is best for the teachers and school. THANK YOU!


3 thoughts on “Looking for input from all of YOU!”

  1. I am from the field of information technology and have a 7 year old going to school.

    Q1 No, we don’t, that would be great actually, I have never come across this idea before, I am from India. I have not come across this concept till now. Though sometimes people from professional streams become teachers.

    Since I have not come across one, my idea is that their job would be to incorporate latest relevant technology trends in the curriculum. Or at least have projects based on them. That would enable the children to stay abreast as well as be able to make better career choices in line with the latest trends.

    Q3I guess either would do though if they are certified teachers they would be probably taken more seriously.

    They could be considered as teachers so that they are considered as part of the mainstream teaching team.

    They influence teachers, I feel that would be the way to go.


  2. Hi Lissa,

    At UNIS Hanoi we have two technology facilitators: one for ES and one for MS/HS. We focus on providing PD for teachers, team-teaching and/or co-planning with teachers, providing support to students and providing community education opportunities for parents. We are both qualified teachers and I spent 11 years in a math classroom before moving to this role. On the salary scale, we are teachers. But I think the nature of the position puts us in a technology leadership role. And, for the first time this year, our supervisor is the technology director instead of our division principals. This has its ups and downs but I think it has generally been a good move.

    As for your last question, this is the crux of the job in my opinion. I think being a good technology coach is about knowing when to earn credit by helping with some easy/personal tech issues and when to spend that credit by pushing teachers beyond their comfort zones.


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