Does your school use ID cards?

Happy Sunday!

Our school will be obtaining ID cards for all staff and students in the coming weeks. The stated purpose is for security, printing and discounts (in the community). For security reasons, the thought is to have all teachers wearing visible IDs so staff members are easily differentiated from other adults. For students, the primary purpose will be printing for now but we have discussed students wearing them. As this is the first time we will have IDs at our school, we have some questions! We are particularly interested in how visible IDs would work in the lower elementary and certain classes (PE, art, etc). Please comment or email me…we’d love to have input from a variety of schools around the world!

1. Do all teachers wear IDs? If yes, how do they display them? How have staff reacted to this policy?

2. Do all students wear IDs? If yes, how do they display them? How have students reacted to this policy?

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Does your school use ID cards?”

  1. We have gone through many revisions of the id policy in the district I work in. The current policy is teachers and staff members need to wear their ID badge (lanyards or clips). Students need to have their ID badge with them, but do not have to wear it. Student ID’s are scanned in the lunch checkout line (notifies workers of students with free or reduced lunch), and for library book checkout. Our newer schools have electronic locks on the outside doors, and the employee’s RF id badge is required for entrance. Also we are starting to incorporate RF scanners in our multi-function devices (Print, copy, and scan). Employees use their badge to operate these machines. One last thing requiring the employee badge is the second through ninth floors of our district offices.


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