I stumbled across a very cool infographic today that I thought was worth sharing.  I found this on a blog called Hydro-Logic and the graphic deals with water usage in India.  It focuses on agriculture specifically.  I feel that it really contains a lot of information in a compact, attractive package.  It comes from a project through the Columbia Water Center which is definitely legit, but Pepsico is also a partner. I’m not sure how that works exactly.  Perhaps Pepsi is more philanthropic than I thought.

From the Columbia Water Center.

This is very interesting to me, as a person who currently lives in India.  Although I know that there is a lot more to the story of water than is shown in this infographic, but I appreciate the simplicity of their design.  It gave me enough information to make me really start thinking.


1 thought on “Indo-Aqua-Graphic”

  1. Ross,

    Thanks for sharing this Infographic. It’s excellent. You should share this with other science teachers at the school. I also like the simplicity and colors of this chart.



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