Falling in love with teaching (all over again)

Today. Was. Awesome. Seriously today’s Art/Design class was cool. Brian & Yuko from Photohoku ‘hung out’ with us…Lindsay and I weren’t sure how the students would respond but they were awesome. While I was setting up the Hangout a few of the students were whispering “I see Brian!” The students actually did their homework! They were pretty excited and a little in awe. It was one of those classes that was way too short and everyone probably would have skipped their next class to continue the conversation. I loved it – it made me remember why I love teaching (a much needed reminder).

Since we got cut a little short and the students didn’t get to ask all their questions, I created a post where students can ask questions in the comments. Brian and Yuko have kindly agreed to answer them when they have time.

What a great way to end the week…on a super high note!


  1. Aaron Paulson · May 1, 2014

    Great project for integrating art and design with social issue awareness and at the same time introducing social media channels such as Google Hangouts! I can see why the students “actually did their homework”. Following up with a blog to facilitate an ongoing conversation with people who might be too busy to respond in a timely manner to other forms of communication also seems like a great pairing of tech to need.


    • Lissa Layman · May 4, 2014

      Thanks Aaron! 🙂


  2. Jeff Utecht · May 6, 2014

    W00T! Glad it’s going so well for you! Excited to see the video of all of this coming together.


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