Tupac would Appreciate TPACK

Image courtesy of gilar666 via deviantart.com

“We’re not being taught to deal with the world as is it is. We’re being taught to deal with this fairy land that we’re not even living in anymore. And it’s sad.”-Tupac Shakur

Reading about the TPACK framework once again reminded me of the fluid nature of education.  Priorities are always shifting.

When I first looked at the diagram that gave equal weight to content, pedagogical, and technological knowledge, I scoffed a bit.  How could technological knowledge be anywhere near as important as content or pedagogy?  Should we write off all the master educators of history since they all predated technology? They’re all missing that particular third of the teacher puzzle, right?

Although I still have a hard time acknowledging that technology could be equally as important as content and pedagogy, I do realize that a modern teacher who can fully employ technology as a teaching tool is teaching BETTER.  Technology is unavoidable.  Trying to avoid technology is a futile exercise.  We all need to use it better.

I’ve had the opportunity to co-teach with two teachers who have really embraced tech in the classroom. They’ve encouraged it on all fronts, including the use of personal smartphones, when appropriate. The TPACK model stresses the ever-evolving nature of technology.  My co-teachers are aware of this and take advantage of it.  I’ve learned a lot from them.

So, thank you Brett and Ryan.  I knew you guys were ahead of the curve, but after reading about TPACK, I’m realizing how cutting-edge you really are.  Tupac would have appreciated your classes… maybe.


1 thought on “Tupac would Appreciate TPACK”

  1. Hi Ross,

    I totally agree with you that “technology is unavoidable.” However, I don’t see it trumping content per se, but rather being the medium by which that content can be understood. I too am fortunate to be surrounded by some very tech savvy teachers and technology facilitators that have inspired me a great deal. I am going to check out the TPACK model.

    Thanks for making me think and nice job on the post.
    Steve Coffey


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