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I’m a #COETAIL graduate

Three semesters, five classes and one really late update about my final project…and I officially finished up my graduate certificate in May!

My portfolio:
Course 1
Course 2
Course 3
Course 4
Course 5

My final project: We integrated the Design Cycle into a 7th grade visual arts class (unit planner). Students chose to either increase tourism to or decrease littering in Kuwait by creating a social media campaign using photography. Students used Tumblr as their Design Folder. I provided them with information and modeled their Design Folder using my own Tumblr. We found that TO-DO lists were essential for the students in order to help them create their own Folder. For some of the students, it was the first time they were really diving into Design so we tried to scaffold it for them. [full follow-up post]

My biggest takeaway: The network. The COETAIL reach is constantly expanding. I’m currently at Learning 2.014 in Addis Ababa and finally meeting people face to face (a little ironic that I’m writing my final COETAIL posts while sitting in the same room as the co-founders). But it feels like I’ve known them for so much longer. The “COETAIL effect” is real. And it’s now available in the US! If you’re looking to join an innovative community of educators all over the world committed to learning…what are you waiting for?


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