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Taking on the #GlobalEd #TwitteratiChallenge

A couple days ago I was mentioned by Ryan and wasn’t really sure what was going on. Upon reading his blog post, I was quite flattered. It’s not every day that your peers, especially those you haven’t met, make you feel valued. Thanks for the shout out Ryan!

Like Ryan, I’m opting out of the video part of this challenge. I enjoyed Ryan’s theme of “stranger friends.” I have a long list of those! Building off that, I’m highlighting “stranger friends” who I’ve now met in real life. These are in no particular order and the list could go on. This is a fun challenge but I also completely understand if those I’ve nominated don’t keep it going…busy time of year! 😉

Scott Mcleod & Jayson Richardson: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – attending NESA in Bangkok in 2013 was a game changer for me. Scott and Jayson introduced me to the School Tech Leadership program at the University of Kentucky…and the rest is history. No but seriously – I graduated earlier this month with my M.Ed. and would have never found out about the program had I not attended their 4-hour workshop in 2013. Throughout the course of the program I also got to work closer (online) with Scott and Jayson which was a privilege.

Everyone else I met at Learning 2.014 Africa…guess it was a pretty powerful experience!

Doug Johnson: I missed Doug’s sessions at NESA 2013 and was pretty bummed. However in September in Ethiopia, I made up for it. Not only was I able to attend his sessions, I was able to enjoy some drinks and a taxi ride to the airport with him. Every conversation with Doug is a quality one and I quite enjoyed finally meeting him after years of reading & commenting on the Blue Skunk blog.

Kim Cofino & Jeff Utecht: By the time I made it to Learning 2 I was a COETAIL grad so I was quite familiar with Kim & Jeff’s work. Jeff was most definitely a “stranger friend” turned friend as we greeted each other with a hug. It was then that I learned how to pronounce Utecht. Watching Kim & Jeff work during the course of Learning 2 was inspiring. The vibe they are able to create is pretty awesome. I would go to every Learning 2 every year if I could 😉

Marcello Mongardi: When I met Marcello at Learning 2 (and learned how to pronounce his name) I had seen his face on many a COETAILCast. But it was the Oman GAFE Summit where I really got to know him. He’s got great ideas, is laid back and a ton of fun. He was also a very accommodating chauffeur 🙂 When Jeff and I returned to Oman at the end of April for my 30th birthday celebration, we bonded further with Marcello and Sam over Indian food and red wine. I love it when “stranger friends” become real friends!


Cheers by giannisl, on Flickr
Cheers by giannisl, on Flickr

Twitterati Challenge

Here are @teachertoolkit’s rules…

In the spirit of social media educator friendships, this summer it is time to recognise your most supportive colleagues in a simple blogpost shout-out. Whatever your reason, these 5 educators should be your 5 go-to people in times of challenge and critique, or for verification and support.


There are only 3 rules.

1.You cannot knowingly include someone you work with in real life.

2.You cannot list somebody that has already been named if you are already made aware of them being listed on #TwitteratiChallenge

3.You will need to copy and paste the title of this blogpost and the Rules and What To Do information into your own blog post.

What To Do?

There are 5 to-dos if you would like to nominate your own list of colleagues.

1.Within 7 days of being nominated by somebody else, identify colleagues you regularly go to for support and challenge. They have now been challenged and should act as participants in the #TwitteratiChallenge.

2.If you’ve been nominated, you should write your own #TwitteratiChallenge blogpost within 7 days. If you do not have your own blog, try @staffrm 

3.The educator nominated should record a video of themselves (using Periscope?) in continuous footage and announce their acceptance of the challenge, followed by a pouring of your (chosen) drink over a glass of ice.

4.Then the drink is to be lifted with a ‘cheers’ before the participant nominates their five other educators to participate in the challenge.

5.The educator that is now (newly) nominated, has 7 days to compose their own #TwitteratiChallenge blogpost and identify who their top 5 go-to educators are.


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