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Second Semester!

Whew! Second semester is in full swing! It’s been a bit crazy here but things are starting to settle down nicely. Last semester I taught French 1, French 2 and French 3. This semester I’m only teaching French 2 (block & year long classes)! I have high hopes for a much less stressful couple of months. Some things to stay tuned for…

*My class will be getting a class set of ChromeBooks soon as part of our district’s 1TWO1 initiative.

*My French 3 class finished up their final projects, so I’ll be sharing more on that soon.

*I also found out that my proposal for the 2012 SCFLTA conference was accepted. In February I’ll be presenting on using mobile devices (phones, ipods, etc) in the classroom.

*My semester French 2 classes are just finishing up their review projects. I’ll have more to share about how it went this time around.

*On a whim (and since my desks were in groups) I experimented with a speaking activity with my year-long French 2 classes today. I think it went decently well but I want to get it down on “paper” for the future.

à bientôt!


French 3 Final Project

A couple weeks ago I wrote about getting input from my French 3 class for their final assessment. On Friday, I used their input to design a project for them. We will be started the project on Friday and will be working on it until the end of the semester (January 9). They will also have to interpret two different articles after winter break – we will discuss one and they will write about the other. Here is the presentation I gave them (and had them help me perfect). Most of them seemed pretty excited and even thanked me. We’ll see how it all goes!