New Hire Blog at our International School

International schools (especially ours) have lots of turnovers. I guess that’s what happens when there you sign 2 year contracts and you live in a desert. Last Spring we were invited to an AIS New Hire Blog. It was a great place to ask questions, get advice and bounce ideas off of each other (moving abroad is kind of a big deal). When I was asked to help with the set-up of the blog this year…I said heck yes!

Some details:

  • we use a free wordpress.com blog.
  • the blog is private and password protected, by invitation only.
  • the three tech coaches and assistant principals are the blog administrators.
  • the new hires are authors.
  • the AIS staff correspondents are followers.
  • new hires post questions (blog posts) and AIS correspondents post answers (comments).

Here’s how it works (permanently on the left side-bar of the blog):

New Hire blog - how this works

Settling In

Our static pages:

  • A Welcome letter from the 4 Assistant Principals (in charge of orientation)
  • Bios (with pictures & email address) from the current AIS staff who have been selected to be correspondents (not the entire staff)
  • Questions by Category (with links & explanations)

New Hire blog - Categories

  • Important Information including the 2013-2014 calendar and a detailed tutorial (how to sign up for the blog, create posts, find questions, etc.)
  • Photo Albums (including apartments and staff travel experiences)

Currently we have almost the entire new cohort signed up and asking away! We’ve had a great response from the blog layout (thanks to Jeff and his budding photoshop skills for the header!). They’ve also really enjoyed the experience of getting their burning questions answered. I would highly recommend and new hire blog for any international school 🙂