I’ve known for about a month that my ITS applied for a promotion to go from the school level to the district office level. I found out last week that she got the job 😦 She starts Monday. That means I’ve lost a great resource that is just feet away. But I’m really excited for her! Luckily she will still be just a gchat away.

The sweet part of the deal is that I know have a (hopefully) permanent guest on my desk 🙂

This is especially nice for me because I am not a plan-aheader (at least when it comes to lesson plans). It seems as though I come up with my best ideas at the last minute. Having the iMac and a cart of iPods in my classroom means that when I have last minute ideas with potential, I can try them out. After having the iPods for almost a year, I truly believe that the best way to use technology more effectively is to just play and experiment with it. Sometimes it’s going to fail miserably. Other times it’s going to be genius. Most times, it’s going to need some tweeking – which is one of the main reasons I started this blog. I hope that writing about and reflecting on what I do in my classroom will make me a better educator.


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