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More review with #Keynote and #iPads

I was really excited about the review project! I was finally able to use the iPads for something meaningful and students were excited to be using the technology.

I love allowing students to teach each other but I just didn’t know how it was all going to work. I asked my Integration Technology Specialist at the time (MaryAnn) for ideas about how groups could present their lessons. She recommended round robin sessions…genius! I set up my desks in groups of 5 or 6. We used the cases that came with the iPads to stand them up. I gave students the choice to leave a group member with the iPad for a few minutes (to introduce the lesson) or not. Most groups chose not to and I encouraged this because they needed to be traveling around so they could learn from the other groups!

**Note: Next time I would tell students from the beginning to create a stand-alone tutorial. I didn’t like when students had to stay behind and weren’t able to get the most out of the activity**

I gave groups a few minutes to finalize and get set up. Then we rotated every 8-10 minutes. Students took notes at each station and wrote down any questions they had so we could address them later.

After the round robin sessions were over, each group led at least one activity so that students could use the information they had been reviewing. Some were great, others were not.

**Note: The process of presenting and activities took several days. It worked really well in my block class (French 3) because we were able to do all of the round robins and then all of the activities. However my French 2 classes were more difficult to organize because they are only 45 minute classes.**

As I mentioned before, I wanted students to be involved in the grading process and take ownership of the project. For each lesson (Keynote & activity), I asked them to complete this survey…

They also graded each of the members in their group. I asked them to look at the Collaboration Rubric and they completed this form…

I averaged the grades from their peers and created a rubric for each group (in google docs). I then made copies of the group rubric for every student in the group. I shared this rubric with each student individually so that they could see their grades (our district has google apps for education). It probably took more time than if I had used paper, but I hate making hundreds of copies of rubrics that students are just going to throw away 😦

I also believe that teachers need to get feedback from their students about projects and just in general. Of course I gave them a google form to complete!

I was a pretty happy with their answers to the survey. I didn’t make it anonymous which I probably could have. Maybe they would have been more honest. French 2 is periods 3 and 5, French 3 is 6/7 block.

Whew! In total, this project took about 6.5 blocks (95 minutes) for my French 3 class and 11 skinnies (45 minutes) for my French 2 classes. I’ll blog again later with examples of the presentations and activities and my final notes 🙂


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