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Review – Part 3

Last post on this review!

After the round robins and activities, we looked at the presentations as a class and talked about if anything was wrong. I changed the slides (as much as I could) before I posted them for the students to see. Then all students took a quiz. My French 2 students took the French 1 final..but I let them work with a partner of their choosing. I wanted to hold them accountable for learning the information from the other presentations. However…weeks and weeks and weeks later, I’m always surprised at how much they don’t know (or don’t care?) 😦

Some of the groups had really great ideas for activities! One group did a variation on the amazing race – in pairs, students had to go to note cards around the room in sequential order and answer the questions. The first pair done, won. A couple groups did scavenger hunts with note cards placed around the room – individually students went around the room searching for answers to questions. One group made a cross word puzzle for groups to complete – puzzle was filled in by correctly conjugating verbs. The two French 2 groups with numbers created activities where students had to count – in one class students had to go around the room counting (un, deux, clap, quatre, cinq, clap, etc). This presented problems because students didn’t listen. In the other class, students got in a circle and threw a beach ball to each other. Students had to say the next number (en français) and were out if they got it wrong. Both activities made me realize that they don’t know numbers! Most of the other activities didn’t really go well or were taken directly from the textbook. One very unconventional activity in my French 3 class was called “Stoned.” A student stood in the center of the room and was asked a question. If they got it wrong, other students threw paper balls at him/her. Luckily they are a very close group and could handle it. However I doubt I’ll be repeating that activity 😉

I put all of the presentations on my website so that students can go back to them throughout the year: French 2 & French 3. Some of the groups used the iPods to take pictures and I transferred them from the iPods to the iPads using the mac computer. This could have been much simpler if we had iPad 2s! I loved the idea of adding pictures though. I think videos would also be pretty cool to add in the future (this would definitely make it more stand alone).
Here are the final notes that I wrote to myself…
*grade presentation & activity separate? that way students can grade it immediately after and not have to try to remember presentation after activities
*make sure to have time for all students to be able to do grades (they used iPod touches and didn’t always have time to finish)
*when students are completing grading forms – make sure to include group number in form
*have written on board – group # with names & topics
*remind students that they are grading the material, not the people
*put groups together based on strengths/weaknesses

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