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1:1 in January w/ #Chromebook

Richland 2 will be rolling out our 1:1 initiative in January (also known as 1 TWO 1). By August 2013 all 25,000 students in our district will have a device (well except grades K-2). Muller Road Middle School opened up this year and gave each student an iPad (you can read about the implementation here). Blythewood Middle gave each student an android tablet last week. In January, 1/3 of teachers at each of the 4 high schools will receive Google Chromebook carts for their rooms. We were selected through an application process. Yes we 🙂 Sometime in January I will have the awesome opportunity to take my classes 1:1. This is definitely going to be a steep learning curve for a lot of people, including me. I hope that my experience with the iPods and iPads will make the transition easier for me. But there is SO much to think about! I’m an over-achiever and perfectionist…I want lessons that will engage my students meaningfully. I want them to learn A LOT. I want them to be able to communicate with people around the world and see the value in learning another language. And I want to do all of this right away at the Redefinition level. Is all that possible without going crazy? We shall see!


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