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Pros, Cons & Web 2.0

The teachers that have been selected to go 1:1 in January must complete 20 hours of professional development. We started yesterday morning. Our first assignment was to add at least 3 blogs to our google reader (done that!). Our second assignment was to create an introduction using google presentations. Here’s mine. (I couldn’t get it to embed 😦 )

Would love to hear any other positives or negatives to going 1:1!

Our 3rd assignment is to pick our favorite web 2.0 tool and share it. I got some really great ideas on twitter yesterday! Always looking for more to share with other teachers 🙂
Mme Nero (@MmeNero)
LeydenASCI (@LeydenASCI)
Technology in MFL Classroom (@LeydenASCI)

There are just so many to choose from now I’m a little overwhelmed. But I’m excited to explore all of it! Merci!


2 thoughts on “Pros, Cons & Web 2.0”

  1. hi, I’ll have to read your blog entry again to fully understand what 1:1 means, it’s a bit confusing to me but it sounds really fun! Thanks for sharing with us. reading your blog makes me a better teacher 🙂 We are so lucky to be working with you and your class.


    1. 1:1 means that every student will have a “computer.” By August 2013, basically every student in our district will be given a “computer” to use at school and take home. High school students will get Google Chromebooks. Middle school students will probably be getting a variety of tablets (iPad, android, etc). I think elementary students (only grades 3-5) will be getting Chromebooks too. Hope that helps! I enjoy reading your blog too! My students tweeted yesterday and always enjoy it! 🙂


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