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New #twittclasses exchange!

I was excited when @Mister_Street asked if I wanted to collaborate! My @rvhfrancais3 students were also pretty excited. They were disappointed not to be able to tweet in real time (time zones!) but hopefully they will realize how cool it is tomorrow when they see responses from @3eVictorHugo! Like my French 1 students, they will be filling out a google form using iPods. We will be tweeting from our class account and I will be discussing their mistakes with them before sending them off. Our hashtag is #rvhclv and you can find the archives here.

My French 3 class has been very interesting this year. This is my 3rd year teaching and the 3rd year in a row that I have had 5 of the students. Another 7 of them I have taught previously (French 1 or 2) and only 2 of them this is their first year in my class. This has added an interesting dynamic to the class. They know how I run my classroom and usually all is good in our world (we have developed great relationships!). However I have been struggling with them lately – they’re almost TOO comfortable (with me and each other)! It has also been very interesting for me to hear their opinions – many don’t think going 1:1 is worth the money, they want paper and pencil, they don’t like twitter…. Basically they are resistant to change! They’re only high school students and already so jaded! Part of me is sad that they are a block class so I won’t have them next semester…another small part of me will be ready to let them go.


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