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A Redesign: Assessment & Student Learning

When I first saw this presentation, I knew exactly the PowerPoint I wanted to redesign. During orientation our middle and high school principals presented to the staff about assessment practices and how we can best support student learning. They had a lot of information to give us so, understandably, the presentation was very text heavy.

When I asked, both principals graciously accepted my request to redesign their presentation (both have wives who are COETAIL graduates – Christina & Karen). I do have to admit that I enlisted my COETAIL husband to collaborate with me in order to make this their PowerPoint more zen and less death. We left the text that we thought was most important (our mission is brand new) and got rid of the rest. When text was present, Jeff taught me about Droid Sans (to grab the reader’s attention) and Droid Serif (to avoid eye fatigue). We chose a simple color scheme and redesigned the hard to read graphic.

However I acknowledged that much of the text was essential…so I created a handout for staff. This could be shared in PDF format to avoid the waste of paper.

What do you think??

Because Jeff (my husband) has been ‘into’ presentation design for a couple years, I’m relatively satisfied with my presentations for professional development. I’d love any and all feedback on my PD presentations or this redesign. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “A Redesign: Assessment & Student Learning”

  1. Hi Lissa! I think you selected a tough presentation for redesign as it is very content heavy. However, I think you made two good changes: your revised triangle diagram was much easier to understand, I like how you added layers to it. I also think it was a good move to provide a handout for the key information. Since assessment policy is so important I would imagine having a quick reference document would be helpful.

    The interesting thing about using Presentation Zen is that without the “talk” aspect the presentations are no longer stand alone documents.


    1. Thank you Kelsey! It was tough…but I’m hoping my principals like it!

      I like the fact that without the talk the presentations mean almost nothing. That way I can share all my presentations on my blog but you had to be at the session to really get it.


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