COETAIL, Course 3

This is the story of a girl

Last fall I did the training and took all the tests to become Google Apps Individually Qualified. I now need to complete the application to become a Google Apps Certified Trainer before December 4th. I made my video as a first draft of the one I will submit. Here are the specifications:

  • Submit a 2 minute video introduction about your background, role in education technology, and innovative approach to using Google Apps

I made my video using Jing and uploaded it to Screencast.

My video is currently over 2 minutes. I’d love any input for how to make it better! Thank you!

Goodbye course 3…see you soon course 4!

Photo Credit: Earl – What I Saw 2.0 via Compfight cc


3 thoughts on “This is the story of a girl”

  1. Hi Lissa,
    I loved to get to know you more through your Course 3 Final Project video. I don’t think you can embed from Jing, but I’ve used Screenr and it works fine. My favorite screencast software/application is ScreenFlow, but you do have to pay for it. It’s great for creating tutorials for students as well and it embeds easily. It has great editing options and you can even show a window from your camera with your screen.
    Good Luck with the Google Apps Certified Trainer App!
    See you soon in Course 4,


    1. Thank you Julie! I think I might have figured out embedding…I didn’t see the details button underneath my video before. 😉 My application is due next week and I’m struggling to get my video down to 2 minutes!

      I hope you’re enjoying course 4!


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