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Collaborate with us! #gafesummit

Jeff and I are heading to Dubai tomorrow to present at the Middle East GAFE Summit! I’ll be presenting Conjugating Google Apps in a World Language Classroom. I’d love to do some collaborating during the session with Google Docs. If you’re free between 5:30am & 6:30am EST, let me know and I can give you details! Looking forward to it 🙂

Update: If you have a minute, please read & this article! Don’t forget to leave your info 🙂 If you are available to do it live tomorrow…even better!


5 thoughts on “Collaborate with us! #gafesummit”

  1. Hello Lissa

    If I figured this out correctly, you are meaning 11.30 am Zurich time (my time). That works out for me. I can be around online (just me, no students) but I HAVE NO CLUE what you want. Maybe this message will get to you too late, even. But, I will check my computer tomorrow morning —around 8.30 Zurich time….and see if you’ve left a reply. My email is chez vivian at coetail dot com.



  2. Hi Lissa

    I realized just now that you are speaking of Thursday at 11.30 and not Wednesday. Sorry about that! I guess we have time to coordinate then. I read your post last night and didn’t realize it was after midnight my time, so got my days confused. You don’t need jetlag in order to get your days messed up! An online course with others around the world is enough!

    I’ll be checking my email periodically today (Wednesday). I won’t be around this evening though. Hopefully we can connect in time.



    1. Time zones are so confusing! I’m finishing up the presentation now, so I will email you sometime today. It would be great if you’re still available tomorrow 🙂 Thank you!


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